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Feb 22, 2001

That's a question the Pokerzone television channel has set out to answer

Poker TV channel Pokerzone has joined forces with Poker333 to run a series of high profile televised events in a search for the best and most committed TV poker players.

The vehicle for the quest is to be a new program billed Poker Night Live Series of Poker, which the channel is launching on with the goal of finding a true, all round and highly-skilled poker champion.

Throughout the series, players will put their skills to the test in a number of poker disciplines, including cash games, MTTs and STTs. Performances will be monitored and will contribute to an overall league table, the monthly winner of which will receive a seat at the six-monthly Poker Night Live Series of Poker televised final table. Winners will take home large cash prizes as well as a place in the new Hall of Fame, an exclusive bracelet and bragging rights.

Pokerzone will be adding interest to the series by holding regular themed nights that focus on a particular form of poker and the techniques needed to beat that particular game. King of Cash Nights will be held weekly and dedicated to cash games, including both Holdem and Omaha. Single Table Tournament (STT) nights will examine the profitable tactics in these games and MTT nights will also be held with an emphasis being placed on Multi Table Tournament strategy and tactics.

The channel has lined up a number of special commentator appearances by some of the most respected and knowledgeable figures in the industry. These guests will appear throughout the show to offer tips and advice on specific areas of play for example Cash, STT, Omaha and MTT.

"We are very excited about this partnership with Poker333. We have placed the emphasis on education and hope to find some world class players who havent yet discovered their poker potential, says Sam Orams, Creative Director of Pokerzone. The launch of the Poker Night Live Series of Poker will be unique in televised poker content and we hope to develop our viewers game and performance levels within a competitive environment.

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