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Dec 13, 2006
Hello all,

I'm looking a good book/site/strat guide for poker room/cash game, since i feel tournament strat is different to cash game. It a 1/2 NLH. So techniques like stealing blinds are of no use... yet there might be some tweaks to tornament play to make good profit from a poker table.


im not an affiliate but I highly reccomend this site, has helped me alot the guys that are in the instructional vids explain their moves in online games and are wicked good at their game.

For specifically cash game advice I suggest you pick up a texas calculatem and run it along side your games and read up on dan harringtons book as well as....(and I very highly reccomend this author)... Roy Rounders book. Just do a search online for any of these and you will find them.

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