Roguish Players Palace Casino (Casino Share) - Direct Connection to SPAM


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
I also received that "All In" spam for the FL casinos. I used the "report spam" email address for Royal Vegas, and got an automated receipt (so they got it).

FL can't be arsed to get back to me though - how can I therefore have ANY confidence that this is nothing more than a whitewash by casinos who KNOWINGLY allow this to happen, but pretend it is against policy.

Not only does the "All In" newsletter use FAKE postal addresses, they ALSO fail to allow recipients to opt out. This breaks even the derided can-spam act, let alone the more robust anti spam laws requiring prior opt in.

This is the kind of dodgy dealing Communicator Corporation have become involved with, and do not seem like wanting to stop anytime soon; yet despite this, both Club World and Playshare feel Communicator Corporation a fit third party bulk mailing agent to handle their personalised promotions, and thus their players email addresses.

Using a fake address is FRAUD, something casinos say is enough to void a player's winnings, yet it is something they can "work with" when it comes to some of their business partners.

There is no way that Club World and Playshare can be ignorant now of what kind of "bulk mailing agent" Communicator Corporation are, yet as far as I know, they STILL have the contracts, and thus access to our email addresses.

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