Paddy power,no thanks!!!


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Feb 28, 2011
Well,i saw that Paddy power changed the software so i thougt that id give it a try.
But that didnt go that well.
Dont think that id reccomend this casino to anyone.

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Hi,i just opened a account and made a deposit but now my account is locked due to security reasons?
my account name is XXXXXXXX
Hi there, I will check that now.
Thank you. Now before I proceed with your query, can you provide me with the answers to your Security Questions on your account please?
Could you confirm your Mother's maiden name please?
Could you confirm your email address please?

XXXXXXX or XXXXXX,both are to the same mailbox

I can see that your account was closed as they have found that you are abusing the bonus system.

hehehe..ok,but i just registered my account?
how can i abuse the system?

We have a system in place that identifies accounts that have been set up across our network that are considered to be bonus abusers.

Unfortunately customer security feel that this is the case.

i get my account closed after i make a deposit of 22€ and get accused of abusing the system?

I will send that money back to the account it came from, but the account will remain closed.

why even have bounuses if you get banned from a casino when you try to create a account?


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Nov 30, 2011
Very interesting, nowadays definition of 'bonus abuser' has gotten wilder and make one wonder is it good to never participate in a welcome bonus if you decided not to become a VIP player in a particular casino.

But staring at your case, not taking bonuses is futile I afraid, so the lesson is just check the reputation of a single casino before you make a big deposit or taking a bonus, when I mention reputation I mean reputation among communities, your friend experience e.t.c and not just money-constructed publicity reputation, although the former still can be fake though, it is very much harder nonetheless.