Your Input Please Paddy Power major issues, no contact, help!!


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Aug 9, 2016
I posted a while back about my account being closed after it had been hacked and the Casino didn't even inform me. My account was reinstated and secured.
Yesterday I logged in to see I had a balance of £500 and not the measly 27p it should have been. A quick check in my transactions showed a deposit of £5000 followed by a withdrawal of £4500 ten minutes later with no gameplay. Surely this should be an instant red flag for money laundering? My max deposit is £35 and always via the same method. The funds came from somewhere but definitely not from me. Then I discovered PP no longer have a live chat, their help now opens a betfair login which I don't have and there is no easy way to contact them. Eventually I decided to reply to an email (dated January) from their security team explaining what was going on with my account and asked for an urgent response. Almost 24hrs later, no contact.
I imagine I will be accused of money laundering and have my account closed at some point in the near future but honestly don't know what to do. The £500 is still sitting in my account and I haven't played on site since.

EDIT: Just received an email from PP saying that I cannot use the security team email I replied to and redirecting me to the betfair log in. There are some major security issues happening here and I can't even communicate with them. This is the only site I have ever had security issues with.
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"This its the page for the Cheltenham version of the offerFinders Keepers: £/€100K CASH to be won on BOTH Monday & Tuesday in Paddy’s monster promo but it is the same concept, basically 5000 is dropped into random customer's acc for 5 mins, if the customer logs in during that time, they can keep the 5000, if not they only keep 500"

If only I had known, doh!! kicking myself right now.
Ouch, feel your pain but hey a free £500 to a £35 depositing player still very nice, good luck :D

Smaller scale and a long time back and can't recall exactly when and where it was but a site ran a football based promotion Euros/WC?? as I say cant recall but basically if you logged in during a penalty shoot out you got 100 x £1 Free Spins (first 100 players or something like that)

Saw the email and wrote it down and STILL missed it 2-3 times, remembering about 10-15 minutes after the event :oops: :oops:
The evening before. Cash went in at about 8am Saturday morning. No way should a UK player be logged in at that time though. May that appease the cynic in you :)

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