Only Poker can challenge Paris Hilton in most searched list.


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May 7, 2004
AOL and Lycos recently announced results of top searches carried out by their visitors for 2006.

Just what are America's Internet users looking for? In a word, “celebrities”.

Paris Hilton ranked as the number 1 search for AOL users. Over at Lycos, the most frequently searched for celeb was Clay Aiken.

However in 2006, for Lycos surfers the top search wasn't a person, but the online gambling phenomenon poker.

Lycos commented that :"Search activity for poker has
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That is very interesting. In the years I have done keyword research "casino" was always doing better than "poker" and "strip poker" was always doing better in Wordtracker than the keyword "poker". However those results have always been based on daily searches, it is interesting to hear the bigger picture. Thanks, Ian_go!

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