Sen Harry Reid Wants to legalize online poker

ESPN's Andrew Feldman is quoting informed sources as saying that the Reid bill is dead in the water and will go no further in the few days remaining of this Congress - either as a standalone or attached to the coattails of some other bill.

It appears that Barney Frank's HR 2267 is going the same way, unless he can pull something out of the hat at the last moment.

<sigh> another year lost...
Harry Reid's last hurrah as this year's Senate Majority Leader - this was the spending bill onto which some speculated he would try to tack his legalised poker proposal.

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Sounds like one hell of a big mess and you probably couldn't find the poker bill or anything else in it for that matter.
As it stands, we really don't know where the poker bill is do we. The repubs probably put it in File 13 and you know what that means.
I like the part where Reid's going to work with Mitch to produce a bill to keep the federal government running into early next year. And then what? I think they should quit running and take care of business.

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