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Sep 2, 2008
Triad, NC
I put $125 in online Vegas Casino yesterday and received $125 bonus which I didnt want (my bad for not contacting up front). I have my account to $550 and they will not let me cash out even part of it. I was trynig to cash out $200 to gain a little profit after their BS 15 dollar check fee.

I called because the amount I had to gamble was not going down. They informed me that it only counts in slots.

I freely admit I only play maybe once every 6 months and have been using a different casino that gives the OPTION of using the bonus.

So I have to wager something like 2,400 in slots in order to cash out . I had contacted tech support and they were rude and now suspended my accout.

I just tried contacting customer support again but they said the security team was not there and try to calling back in an hour. I sent an email stating that I think this is crap that they did not post this on the FAQ and did not make it clear. I stated I would ike my account reopened and that they need to treat their customers well and be clear about their crap rules especially that only SLOTS count as wagering money.

I will let you know the end result. If nothing happens, I will dispute the charge with my credit card but i feel ripped off. They can keep the $125 bonus money. I even asked that as an option and they told me they would allow me to cash out at $125 minus the $15 check fee. I have 550 (or 400 minus their bonus).

I feel that ONLINEVEGAS.COM is just a rip off and I know it has a fairly decent reputation but their customer support is horrible and to lock the account is nothing more than stealing money right out of my hands.



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Sep 26, 2004
Frankly, I cant see where the casino has erred. In their promotions page it was stated explicitly that the bonus would be credited automatically. Practically all other games were restricted so slot play was the only means to clear the wagering requirements. They could actually have voided all your winnings because you played restricted games before meeting the wagering requirements but it seems that they are still willing to allow you to finish the wagering on slots. You have $550 in your balance. Unless you do have an extremely poor session, you should be able to cash in the region of $300-$400 given that there is only $2400 in WRs.

If I were the casino I would not allow you to withdraw your $400 as you had benefited from the advantage of a much larger bankroll and were able to place larger bets with their money on even-money games. I dont see this as being fair to the casino in this respect.

The suspension of the account baffles me. I dont think the casino should do this but I also dont know what happened then. Actually, trying to threaten the casino with a chargeback when it is obvious that you have won with their money on restricted games without meeting wagering requirements is just not on. I hope you can think over again on this issue.


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Dec 16, 2004
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In this case I say everyone should read the term & conditions first before you set out before you make any type of deposit in any place you may play at.
We all learn by our mistakes.& to teach others to do the right thing.


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Jun 30, 1998
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