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Mar 11, 2009
New York
This personal opinion is based on my personal experiences both from B&M and online casinos.

My gambling career began close to 1975 at the age of 23, and is still going some what strong. I started online gaming in 2000 and other then my stupid poker test and wasting $3,000.00 dollars on it in October 2010; yet, actually since early 2010 my deposits had quickly reduced to the point of not gambling online at all. I presently and actively still play at B&M casinos and private poker clubs.

When I started online gaming I was peaking with my career, and money was flowing freely. Hoping not to come off coy here and just trying to put my gambling budget on the table at that time, if at a B&M for a weekend and things were cold I would stop the bleeding at around 25k. My worst experience was 63k, but also had great weekends with plenty of 5 digit wins.

The reason for mentioning the above is to show that with that budget and proper money management, you should realize the amount of time that was spent at the tables / slots and the amount of experience one would achieve after decades of gambling.

In early 2000 while playing online, it wasn’t long before the occasional thousand dollar deposit became several thousand dollar deposits. When at B&M’s I was a predominate Baccarat player, with BJ being the alternate, and video poker and other slot games a distant third. I quickly realized that while playing online that Baccarat and BJ felt un-natural, but video poker seemed very fair. During this time I concentrated on Video Poker and found myself having better results then I was at B&M’s even when compared to live table play. It didn’t take long to become a known high roller for online casinos.

With this amount of time and sessions and online gaming experience, I was certain that things started to change about a year before the UIGEA was passed. Although my deposits slowly were being reduced I gave it another good 5 years. I understand bad luck and this is where money management comes into play the most. But, after 5 more years it became obvious to me that online gaming and for what ever reason it may be, is no longer what it once was.

While still playing and concentrating on the slowly but surely change, it was a disappointing time since I loved the access it provided. This is when I started to pursue regulation in a serious way, and we all know how that turned out.

For whatever my professional opinion may or may not be worth, online gaming should no longer be trusted. Unless they start playing by the same rules and open regulation similar to real casinos like Vegas, and not like some broken down shoe casino in some bizarre jurisdiction, they should all be considered rogues.

I personally also believe that any professional person with experience and knowledge of gambling that knowingly promotes online gaming to innocents, regardless of the listed obvious warnings and the alleged accredited (until further notice) lists, are obviously only in it for the money. Does anyone here seriously think it’s about anything else?

Especially over the last year or two online gaming is doing nothing but proving further how rogue they could really get. Even the biggest in the industry are showing their rogue face.

Please don’t bring up the rare and occasional temporarily online winner that was lucky enough to get paid.

Other then the same elite group here, most everyone else here being the majority have been expressing exactly what I’m saying.

A true online gaming advocate would be doing everything in his or her power to bring the online gaming enthusiasts together and not deposit till they come clean and share with everyone the rules they have to play by. Who cares if they could set RTP’s at 82%, as long as we know what we’re getting into. There's no money in that thought so even the mention of it I know was ridiculous. We want regulated monthly reports like the B&M’s print so we could decide where we want to play. We’re tired of being told where to play. Imagine a B&M advocate having to stand in the entrance of the casino warning visitors that this place is not safe to play at? What a fn joke this whole online gaming thing turned out to be.

People are entitled to their own opinions whatever they may be. I could only conclude that lack of gambling experience and knowledge is all that could cause someone to think otherwise.