Online gaming affiliates earn $684 million in 2007


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Oct 14, 2004
United Kingdom
22.50 in 2005 - nothing since.

Perhaps I should revamp my website after over a year in the doldrums.
With the US out of the market though, I cannot see how earnings can match those of earlier years in the near term. Once the UK and EU market has settled down with the recent changes in the UK though, there should be good opportunities for EU based affiliates, but care must be taken in which casinos, poker rooms, sportsbooks, etc are promoted. The act puts responsibilities onto website owners to ensure that they do not contravene the advertising regulations relating to the whitelisted juristictions. I do not know how the gambling commission is going to interpret this though (I will probably ask them before making an upgraded website live, I don't ever expect to make a large enough profit to cover such fines, not to mention the bad reputation it would get me {headline - fined 2500 for promoting illegal remote gambling sites:) }

When it was neither legal, nor illegal, there were no such regulations to worry about other than a desire to promote casinos from where I wouldn't mind meeting one of my referrals in a deserted motorway services car park at 2am:D


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Jun 3, 2006
Hell on Earth
Ahhh the life of a casino affiliate....

Filled with dirty rotten casinos, dirty rotten SEO bastards, dirty rotten no pay ewallets, dirty rotten spammers, dirty rotten competitors, not so grateful customers and steely eyed soulless affiliate managers...

The money is there... You just have to make sure no one steals it from you.

It's a great life... :rolleyes:

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