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I'm wanting to find out if its illegal to advertise online casinos in the US, in mainstream media. Hopefully someone can give me some info, or a contact where I could get this info. Its difficult to say at the moment because I think that legislation has still not been passed about whether actual online casino gambling is legal or not...
Perhaps there's an advertising standards authority that could be contacted?
I wouldn't see why not. Land based casinos advertise heavily in mainstream media. But they seem to push the shows and entertainment, not the gambling. That might be the issue.

Online casinos advertise widely in US print publications like Casino Player and others.

Maybe you should check the legal position with them? There was of course a classic report during the bitter Golden Palace dispute which alleged that that notorious casino had adverts in the men's john at a US football stadium. Now, would that be classed as advertising in a US publication????

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