Noticable casino cheaters


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Jul 24, 2004
New Yorl
I played on or which ever one it was that had the casino. My experience with this was very bad. I deposit $25 and went to play blackjack i bet $1 and won. So i bet again $1 and played 8 straight games and lost them all to a computer who was getting blackjack 4 times, 21 and 20. So i went to play roulette and put it on black it went to 0 so i put it on black again and it went to 0 again. :eek2:

So i went back to blackjack thinking it was impossible for the computer to keep winning or get blackjack, 21 or 20. I played a couple of games for $1 and still they are getting blackjack, 21 or 20. I got a 21 saying i finally won but it got blackjack. I get 19 it will get 20. Then once i lost all my money i called them up and told them my problem on how the computer keeps winning with blackjack, 21 or 20. So they keep on tranfering me until i get tranfer to some people from India. I was thinking which they have India doing there work. So i talk to the manager there and said i think there cheating so he said it's inpossible casue it was all random. So he went to check the computer and see's the computer won everything. I told him the computer keeps getting blackjack. He told me it was not true and only got blackjack 12 times. I was thinking wow thats not cheating. So i told him why didnt it get anything lower then 20 he says it did on my first game where i got 21 and it got 16 i believe.

Now i am thinking this guy is stupid and telling me that he is cheating. I asked for my money back and they told me no casue there doesnt seems nothing wrong. I told him you just saw how the computer keeps winning how can you tell me there is nothing wrong. So i argue with him for another 30 mintues which did nothing for me. He lucky i didnt complain about roulette.

So dont play at one of those casino's. Casue them cheating you is so noticable. They even claim what the computer was getting.
I can see (maybe) them giving you the run-a-round if you were playing for big bucks, but a $1.00 a HAND??? I mean come on people, sounds like they are proud of the software pulling a shit stunt like this. Count your blessings that it was only a $1.00 a hand and you only lost $25. Can you imagine if you were playing $25 a hand??? DAMN :eek: :eek: :eek: is partner of (click on "European Sports on the homepage to get there) . Both casino are traded on the London Stock Exchange and ones of worlds largest bookmakers. I dont think they would cheat you out of 25 bucks...
I said it might of been or there is a different one has a extra letter. I went to both site to see which one had the casino and did. So it was and not .

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