Not a complaint: What rights do they/we have?


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Mar 20, 2008
I read somewhere that some pokersites, if they deem it right can confiscate your money. Can pokersites in the UK do that? What are the conditions? Who stops them from claiming false accusations and confiscating funds?

Is there any possibility of them just blockning, erasing your account, taking your money, specially if no frauds or cheats happened?

what than if your acconunt falsely got 10 bucks, and had 1000 on it? Could they still just take All your money?

What rights does than the costumer have and does the law protect her?
Dear Jipp,

Your gaming rights depend on the casino / poker / sportsbook / bingo operator and their terms of service which should be found on their site.

Most reputable poker sites i.e. those which are regulated by a good gaming commission e.g. Malta, have strict controls in place to protect the player.

Closure of players accounts and confiscation of players funds generally only occur in the following instances:

1.Failure of player to provide verification of their identity.
2.Where any evidence of cheating, chargeback, abuse,collusion or anything that is seen to not adhere to any of the Terms and Conditions.
3.Abuse of the poker chat function i.e racist / sexual abuse to another player.
4. Player asks to be excluded for example has a gambling problem.

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