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May 24, 2017
Dear Community,

A new year is beginning and Twin Casino is delighted to announce the official launch of our new ‘VIP & Loyalty Program’ and ‘Reward Program’, as we know that loyal and special players deserve to be rewarded!

Both clubs are open to players from all countries we accept, except Sweden. *

Twin’s new program has two levels for ‘Loyalty’ – Silver and Gold, with two higher levels for ‘VIP’ players - Platinum and Diamond. Each level has exciting benefits on offer from cashback bonuses to invitations to events. The higher the level, the more benefits are available! Take a look at what is on offer:

• Cashback: Paid every week as a bonus or in cash.
• Exclusive Races: Super-sized Twin Races with better prizes.
• Extra Gifts: Bonuses and gifts are handed out at various times such as birthdays, Christmas, and on many other occasions!
• Personalised Contact: Players will have a dedicated team taking care of all their needs.
• Prioritized Withdrawals: The team will treat this as a priority meaning faster withdrawals.
• VIP Shop: Dining Experience, Concert Tickets, Gadgets, and Travel Vouchers - we have a good range of options for players to choose from! **

Any bets you make get added to the progress bar. As that fills up, you move to the next level which means even greater rewards! There are hundreds of levels available, and on every level, you will be offered a choice of two of the rewards below – and they are all wager free!

• Free Spins: These are worth €0.50 per spin.
• Super Spins: Worth between €0.50 and €1 per spin.
• Mega Spins: Worth €1 or more.
• Cash: Wager-free money is given out.

You can check it out here

We are wishing you the best of luck in 2021!

Kind regards,
The Twin Team,

*Please note that player eligibility to join the program remains at Twin’s discretion.
** It must be noted that players cannot buy items using their own money – only voucher codes allocated by Twin will be accepted. We are currently finalizing this feature.​
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