CM Announcement New Media Area - Your Best Moments


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Jul 22, 2016
Hiya CM'ers,
a new Media Section added here: Best Moments
The purpose of this new Area is to give a better way to order and classify the winner screenshots you consider important to remember.
Following Info needed:
  1. Add a proper Title ( Awesome DOA 2 Hit xxxxx...)
  2. Add a short description about this Screenshot .
  3. Slot Name.
  4. Game Software Provider.
  5. Casino Name related to the Screenshot.
  6. URL: URL from the Post you've already posted the screenshot this will help to the users to find comments or just other related screenshots.
  7. Date of the Screenshot: an approx. date when you got this screenshot.

For now just we've included 2 categories there:
  • 2020 Best Moments
  • All Time Best Moments.

Feel free to include there your best Slot moments.

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