New Bonus System Released

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Aug 6, 2004
We have listened to constructive feedback we have received from players and we have restructured our bonus system to allow the casinos in our group to credit their players with More Bonuses, More Often.

Golden Reef Casino
Aztec Riches Casino
Music Hall Casino
Challenge Casino
UK Casino Club

The players bonus account is a special wagering account that works just the same as their normal wagering account, but with a few subtle differences. Players will gamble at the casino as they have always done. Any bonuses issued will be credited automatically into their Bonus Account within 2 hours, unlike other online casinos where players sometimes have to wait anywhere from 24 to 48 hours before the bonus hits their account.

It's simple, players wager their bonuses in their Bonus Account, meet any wagering conditions that may apply, and then transfer their winnings to their real Account. That's it!
Our bonus account also has a reporting tool which enables players to accurately follow their wagering on bonuses and transfer WINNINGS to their real account once our simple wagering terms are met. This system is easy to understand and there are no confusing rules to it. Whats even better is that if players hit that elusive Royal Flush or 5 line payout Its theirs to keep!!

Imagine walking in to a casino in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo, where they issue players $100 in bonus chips. Players get to play with those free chips for free, wager with them and win with them.
Once players have completed their play, players can keep the bonus chips and play again and any winnings in excess of the original bonus chips we give players are theirs to take home as winnings. To transfer to a real account, a minimum of $50 is required, but there is no limit to the amount that a player can transfer.

The Key Improvements to the system are:
All Winnings in a player's bonus account are theirs to keep!
Casino Action can credit players with MORE BONUSES, MORE OFTEN!
No confusing terms.
Simple to use interface to keep track of wagering requirements and transfers.
No fuss statement available live via CASINO ACTION.
Players can transfer ANY winnings (less bonuses) to their real cash account instantly once the wagering requirements have been met.

For more information please visit Casino Action on any of the group's websites or contact live support via email or chat.

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