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Jul 19, 2005
I appreciate that NETeller have to do some form of Maintenance on their site.
I also apprciate that, while inconvenient to me, they see fit to do it at 8am till 12 Noon (GMT) as it will affect their American customers less. This is obviously a business decision.

What I cannot understand and find it irratable beyond recourse, is the fact that they dont see fit to tell their customers that they are going to be doing it.

It has been done on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. If, as they say, it is SCHEDULED, surely a courtesy note on the website would aid us in knowing when it is online.

I use NETeller for Betfair and Ladbrokes and do alot of cross account trading, I actuall have over 13,000,000 Net points gained in about 3 months so I am generating money for them. It is inconvenient for me if its down from 8-12 and if O know this is the case, I can deposit funds prior.

Could someone with a tad of clout with NETeller raise this issue with them. I have emailed but no response. They obviously let merchants know as Ladbrokes sometimes have a schedule of downtime on their site

Betfair accept moneybookers, its cheaper and better than neteller. Ive asked the CS at neteller why they dont forewarn of these "scheduled" outages. They told me that they would look into it.Ha Ha. Lets face it neteller charges are extortionate. The charge for them informing you of your debit balance is a joke. At least that "service" is now working after months of being broken.
GOCC said:
They obviously let merchants know as Ladbrokes sometimes have a schedule of downtime on their site

LOL, I use PokerPlex myself as they seem to put it in their newsletter from time to time.

While we're on the subject, I find Neteller's transaction system to be seriously flawed. A lot of times I will get an error while trying to deposit at a merchant but the funds still get taken out of my account. This usually happens during one of these "scheduled maintenance" cycles but it has happened to me at times when their site was not down. This problem could be completely avoided if I just knew ahead of time when they were going to be down but what they should really do is something to prevent these transactions from going through at all in the first place.

When this happens, I then have to call the merchant and usually they tell me to call Neteller and then Neteller will tell me to call the merchant. Funny enough, some sites like PartyPoker are usually able to credit me immediately as long as you get the NT transaction number from Neteller for them. Other poker sites take longer and I think I even had this happen to me at a casino before and it took a few days for their accounting department to credit me.

I really hate it when it happens to me on Totalbet Poker since I'm forced to have a GBP account there and I can either get hit with double the currency exchange fees if I try to deposit again or wait while my money is rescued from limbo and not play poker there until my deposit shows up.

Isn't this stuff basic transaction integrity 101? How hard is it to check to make sure the merchant properly credits the person's account before finalizing the withdrawal?

Neteller are trying to run before they can walk. I have complained to their VIP services before about "maintenance" - how can it be scheduled if no-one knows about it, worse, it is random, normally around 8am GMT, but as to what days, just totally unpredictable.
They are running a big drive to expand into Asia, and the recent maintenance was to get multi-language support working. Unfortunately, it seems they cannot cope with the customers/systems they do have, like many businesses that put expansion before service standards.
I have had the "tennis match" between merchant and Neteller, and my solution is to eventually be "rude" to both by telling them to speak to each other and get it sorted out.
Although regulated by the FSA, I noticed that at the last minute they did NOT join the investor protection scheme (government backed guarantee for deposited funds in a bank), but have a weaker guarantee for the first 1000 only. Original advertising suggested that funds would be fully backed by this protection scheme. I have heard no reason given for the decision for the 1000 limit. Pretty useless for all but the lightest gamblers.
Don't know if this is scheduled maintenance or not - but Neteller is returning errors, and the site is live and showing errors as well.

Can U PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE have a word with NETeller. All they have to do is put a little note up to let us know this is happening.

Its a bank holiday here in the UK and all my funds are in NETeller so cant deposit into Betfair. I have over 5 million Net points I use it that often but they cant even put up when they will be down.

Go on Bryan, make it your good deed for the day
Just a quick bump as AGAIN it is down.

But what surprises me even more is, I have just checked my email account that is linked to my Neteller account and there is 544 emails from Neteller telling me by transfer has been sucessfull to a merchant WTF is that about:eek:
I have a nagging security concern with the Neteller system. To me, it doen't seem safe that all that is required to make a deposit at a casino is your account number and that second number. I would feel much safer if there was an additional e-mail verification step for each casino deposit.
Public holiday in Germany, looking forward to a good day's gambling, and neteller down without any prior notification. Absolutely appalling. Now I'll have to go out in the fine weather, spend time with my family, do some sport or something, I don't know. Disgraceful.
I think the problem is that NETeller notifies their larger merchants, but not the average Tom, Dick or Harry (like myself) ...

The reason I say this is I got an email from one of the online casinos letting me know when NETeller was going to be down for the month of June. However, I didn't get any notification from NETeller itself.

Anyway, here are the dates from the email:

Dear Neteller member,

Neteller will be performing scheduled database maintenance and enhancements to the NETELLER system on the following dates through June 2006:

Monday 5 June

Monday 12 June (minimal).

Monday 19 June (expected 2 hours only)

Monday 26 June

These will begin at approximately 3AM EDT and may last up to four hours.

During this time, you will be unable to access the NETELLER website or process transactions through the NETELLER system.

Customers will be unable to sign up an account or initiate transactions through the system.

You will be able to access all of your services again once the respective maintenance is completed.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

You can see by the email that it appears NETeller sent the email to the casino, who then just copied and pasted it in an email to me.

I agree that it would seem NETeller could email all of their customers about this if they can email me every time I deposit into an online casino. :thumbsup:

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