Need advise , please!


Dormant account
Hi, all
I hope you can give me some advise here with DIRECTNETPAY/EZTP. I am really lost here with what happen to me.

I am still kind of "junior" to online casino and played about 40 of them since April . I NEVER has any problem with any casino (probably I lose most of my money.) until I play at Ladydream/Goldbetting. I know I am not the first one they don't pay, but the whole thing became very mixed up and in fact, I strat to laugh after everythng happen.

DirectNetPay charge me on my 2 Master Card and 1 bank card during 5/31-6/12. I deposit, play and withdraw at casino without any problem until... they start to credit "back" on my card.

I found I was double charge on 6/8 (should be credit back). So I call, email and was told it's technical problem. I should see things turn out fine in 1 week. But not really. They did credit back on 6/15, then charge me again TWO times with "should be credit back". So I call, email, call email...and was promised by EZTP 3 times and NOTHING improved.

Then I knew I was in trouble, so I went online to research. I found Bryant and email him for help. Also realize DirectNetPay/EZTP has a bad name out there.

I also research EZTP since they are the one on my credit card statement. Bingo! I found there are actually "real" EZTP and EZTP customer service (the 8883572727 on the credit card statement). The CS is just an answering m/c. They can't do anything, just collect information, then pass to REAL eztp. I was LUCKY to get the number from UK CS by accident, I found a person REALLY work at EZTP. In fact, he was shocked and asked me HOW I get his number. Anyway, it worked out. I start to see my credit back. DirectNetPay was like air during the most of time, only drop 1-2 email to tell me they will REVIEW what's going on and they blocked my account (and won't pay, of course). They did send me 3 checks before, but still owe me $1944 (not including credit card part but including my Neteller deposit $790 and winning $1154)

THE FUNNY part START here. They OVER CREDIT me. They double charge me some amount (not all) and double cerdit back ALL amount. So I am even with them after their OWN mistakes. I CALLED them immediately, but the CS respond is "nothing she can do because EZTP won't respond her. If EZTP want to give me extra credit, it's own their own." ???? I also email directNetPay and inform them. DirectNetPay email me ask me to clear out the details. I did. And they start to say I am taking advantage of this mess. ???? I didn't do anything. It's own their own.. (I dispute one charge on my bank card due to they charge me $500 on 7/7 without my authorization.)

However, I am even with them because of their own mistake. I got my Neteller deposit back in this way.

I don't know what to do here. Will the credit card company force me to give back the extra credit to EZTP? If so, I think I will lose my Neteller deposit if directnetpay don't pay me. Should I just keep the extra credit and forgoet about the whole thin. I am afraid of getting into trouble with the suitation.

I don't like to take advantage of other people, but I want my money back. Could you please give me advise?

Thank you very much. Have a great day!