Question MuchBetter Payment App and eWallet


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Dec 22, 2016
Canada - West Coast
Has anyone used the MuchBetter payment app? I am thinking of trying them out. The fees are lower than other mobile e-wallets - ecoPayz has become very expensive. Also as a Canadian, I like that MuchBetter allows deposits AND withdrawals via Interac e-Transfer. Thoughts/comments?


May 24, 2019
Tried using it and they took the money from my bank and it didn't show up on my account. Contacted support several times and they were extremely rude and couldn't have cared less, went round and round in circles and ended up having to do a chargeback. Have a look at their reviews on Trustpilot.


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Aug 30, 2016
I have withdrawn through them multiple times without issues. It's taken about 3 business days pretty much every time.


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Feb 21, 2006
Where can you use it ? Have had deposits failing, money leaves the wallet .... so support and emails for sometimes days to get money back.

I know i can deposit at mrgreen & pokerstars casino. Ayone else ?


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May 31, 2015
Where can you use it ? Have had deposits failing, money leaves the wallet .... so support and emails for sometimes days to get money back.

I know i can deposit at mrgreen & pokerstars casino. Ayone else ?
Make sure not to do transactions with low battery.
If you can deposit with it at a specific casino, it’s offered in the deposit menu. The first transaction will associate the currency permanently for this casino only.
Example : if you deposit at bitstarz in EUR, you won’t be able to do so in CAD in the future for this specific casino.
I strongly advise you to never do that since fees with other currencies come with 7% fee on deposits and withdrawals with no cap. Also be aware that even if you select CAD, some casinos seem to think the player deserves to pay transaction fees instead of them so you are charged in EUR for a CAD transaction. Bitstarz was like that before but they fixed it. All good at any bml,whitehat or softswiss casino for CAD transactions. L&L = EUR but I guess it wouldnt be sustainable to offer their customers to cover the fees with offerind CAD for CAD transactions. Hahaaaaa sorry Jan :) Some casinos are tricky... deposits are CAD and withdrawals EUR. So you deposit 30$ With no fee....and then pay 200$ fee for a 3000$ withdrawal. Gambola does that. Not a suprise from a shady casino changing their portfolio from high rtp to low with no mention to anyone and trying to hide it by making the %rtp dissapear from specific game menu. Nice try with your 92% gonzo megafail.
Muchbetter cashouts at rizk is one second and 2 minutes at bitstarz. Coolbet almost instant 90% of the time especially if you lock it.
Be prepared to have to teach chat agents about this payment method when it comes to verification. The only ones that knew their stuff was coolbet, rizk and bitstarz. As usual. Softswiss agents will ask you account number showing on the same page that transactions... you know.. stupid details that gives you no choice but to have a laptop for the desktop version and to complete their stupid task in every detail possible to verify an ecopayz account. Yes you read well. Muchbetter has no account number. They will also probably ask you to ask muchbetter support about it but its non existent and muchbetter support takes 2 to 8 days to respond. Especially for dumb request like that. All they need to verify is screenshots from the app showing adress, email and name. Nothing else is showing anyway.So verify before playing if you use this method. Deposits/withdrawals with etransfers are 99.99% flawless and fast. 4$ USD for withdrawal. So almost 6$ CAD.