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Jan 2, 2003

Rusty's post and all of the replies are very good and interesting.
Incidentally, Kasinoking, I am also in the minority group.
Yes, there is a random generator, but, I believe we sometimes get so wrapped up with it that we forget about the casino operator, and that this is big business.
Besides the RG, there is another adjustable insert that controls the frequency and size of hits.
This is necessary to insure the casino a fair (?) profit, and verify the payout %.
Online slots seem to be very similar to their Big Brother land slots.

I have been convinced for decades playing land based slots that they all function in 3 cycles, that I call my traffic light:

Green light--HOT--- many hits with a top level hit- - -very short duration- - - player/casino payout 80/20
Amber " --TEASER--frequent low level hits to keep you playing-- can be long duration - - 20/80
Red " -- COLD--- Few hits --long duration-- recover HOT cycle losses --- 10/90

Floor it on Green, brake and leave on Red works for me.

Pay attention to what the slot is telling you!

Hope this may be useful to some, best of luck to all

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