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Sep 17, 2023
Hi can anyone tell me what rules are regarding this as heartbingo list min wager for slingo games a couple are listed at 10p yet when I go Into game it’s actually 20p (if I did this in retail trading standards would have a field day as your not allowed to oversticker a higher price if the original price could potentially become visible). I’ve complained to heart but they just ignoring complaint so then I’m thinking are people put onto different pricing tiers hence the price discrepancy?


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A lot of sites have issues with keeping their external documentation up to date - the key would be whether it is ultimately misleading or not. If you've read 10p spins, you open the game and see 20p minimum - at that point you know 10p isn't available and a rational person would conclude the documentation is out of date. In the vast majority of cases that would be no harm, no foul.

Your retail analogy would be more akin to sites lying about the RTP of slots - which happened in 2020 when GVC (Gala, Coral etc - now Entain) were caught lying about RTPs for months. In that case, there is a very clear problem because the player is being encouraged to interact with a defective product (lower RTP than advertised) and has little to no way to identify that.
I see where your coming From te RTP but will say trading standers would have a field day with this you can’t advertise something at one price which is argue the description page With rtp and min wager rules requirements etc is like the swing ticket. Yet When it take ti to the counter it’s. Now doubled in price but i Can still see the orbital price. It’s totally illegal. I wouldn’t nice when I have to do it I have ro Change on average 10.000 indidual swing tickets. Heart casino have Rj edit the meta data on one page and press upload there’s no excuse i wouldn’t be. Banging on if they had just apologised and said we will change right away but they gave the impression that I’m a problem customer because I raise a query .
I can't see Trading Standards agreeing with that - it's the equivalent of being out of stock. The 10p, 20p and 40p spins are essentially different products, like in a coffee shop.

Now if you were being overcharged for spins - e.g. paying double the stake but not getting double the returns - then you would have more of an argument, but that isn't what is happening.

One thing to query it, but it's a minor annoyance and nothing more.

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