Your Input Please Managing Risk at online Live Dealer Casinos?


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Feb 11, 2013
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The topic of cheating by Live Casino providers comes up every now and again.

Videos appear online of strange things happening on Roulette tables and sometimes Blackjack games.

I've seen lots of debate on whether this is cheating and up to this point nothing has been found or proven.

But this has got me thinking about the other side of the debate. I'd like to explore how you think Online Casinos and Live Casino protect themselves from playing risk at the tables.

I've just returned from Las Vegas (Lucky Me) and I've been watching how the Pit bosses, dealers and behind the scenes security manage risk at their tables.

I'm assuming that both Land Based and Online Casinos face similar challenges from advantage players and on table risk.

Let me give you some examples.

In Land Based Casinos
  • Casino's do not have to accept your bet. Either a dealer or Pit Boss can politely decline to take a bet that's placed.
  • The Dealer/Pit Boss and security (eye in the sky), will be looking out for card counters. If they spot one, someone will join the table to confirm and if found will probably ask the player to follow them before politely asking them to leave the casino.
How would an online casino / Live Casino handle these issues? Do you think they'd do the same? If yes, how would they do it? If No, why wouldn't they?

I'd appreciate any comments, insights or just plain thoughts you have on this.

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