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Jun 8, 2003
I,m not particularily fond of single line payout slots, but when I saw the multi-machine megaspins on the Viper casinos...I thought I,d give them a try...playing 9 slot machines on each spin.What do you people have to report about these? I can,t hit shit on them. Played them all. The high 5,s very rarely fall on the payline, and when they do...there,s usually nothing significant that lands with it. Anyone ever make a score on these machines?
I tried these too when they came out the other day. I usually don't bother with these games either, but the multi-spin aspect intrigued me.

Played them for a while and pretty much the same experience as yours. Didn't hit sh*t with I think one exception. At one of the FL viper casinos, I did have a pretty good couple of hits on high-5. Nothing to write home about, maybe made $10-20. Double magic was a total waste of money though no matter where I tried it.

What would be interesting would be if you could pick a slot you like and play it multispin. Imagine a 9 slot thunderstruck game!?! :eek:
Yeah... I can imagine a 9 slot Thunderstruck... just like I can imagine my money going 9 times faster. :wtf:
I,d like to see a mega-spin Gopher Gold..... or some of the other 5-reel, 9-line slots. I,d play em!

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