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Dormant account
Jun 4, 2005
I have an account at Lucky emperor casino. I made deposit via moneybookers at June 3rd as much as $100. They offer free $10 bonus plus 100% matching bonus $100. So I redeem this bonus at casinorewards and playing with $210. Few hours later they locked my account!! I don't care what they reason but when they closed my account I still have $201 in balance so I still have $91 from my deposit. I am asking for refund and send e-mails to their support but no answer for over 48 hrs! Could anyone in this forum help me to get my money back?? Thanks :(
Lucky Emperor is part of Casino Rewards. I guarantee that they didn't STEAL your money. Call them on the phone. Perhaps you are playing from a restricted country. I am 100% sure that you'll get your money back if you didn't do anything fraudulent.
Yeah I hope so! I dont want to make an international call because the cost may be equal to what I have left in my account. I am waiting for their live chat to online because I have sent several e-mails and no reply!
I do wonder whether the deposit he got back was $100 or $91. There is a big difference,though not in monetary terms.

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