Live Lounge Partners Deception and Non Payment


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Mar 8, 2017
Back in October 2019 we did not receive payment on our commission earned at Live Lounge Partners during September.
Eventually after several weeks of chasing them without a response, they replied.

It turns out that a player we sent them had lost money playing during September, earning us commission, but had won while playing in earlier months. The winnings outweighed the losses and the casino was going to be in the negative on the player, if they paid this out.
Our account with them had a no negative carry over policy. Something that was offered to us by them when we confirmed our partnership.

They approached this situation by saying that our player was showing abusive playing patterns.
As a show of goodwill, we suggested that they switch us to negative carry over for future activity.
The fact we even suggested this should prove our integrity.

This was not good enough for them, they also wanted the negative carry over to be applied to the earlier months where the same player had won.
This would mean we suddenly had zero earnings from September, and at this point October also had good earnings that would be wiped out.

We declined this as it seemed extremely unfair, not part of our partnership agreement, and just a way to not pay us.
Can an affiliate company decide to change a partnership deal retroactively without mutual consent? It is our position that you can’t and should not be able to.

This is where the accusations began.
After some time they claimed that the player was “fraudulent”.
This never came up originally, it is confusing and odd because they had agreed to let the player continue to play at their casino.
This does not make sense and is not consistent with the actions you would expect when a casino thinks a player is fraudulent.
Normally they would close the account. But they told us they were planning on keeping this player’s account open.

When we still requested payment on the commission earned according to our partnership agreement terms, they then directly accused us of being a fraudulent affiliate.
We have sent them many players in the past without any issues or claims. They are now claiming that all of our players are fraudulent. But from our stats, we can see they continued to let the these ‘fraudulent players’ play anyway.

We let them know that we would go public with this information if they did not meet their payment obligation, their response was one of bullying tactics.
They threatened to spread their lies and post about us in a private “affiliate managers” forum.

We will be happy to share the e-mails showing the timelines of their threats and how they used fabricated information to change their terms, and not pay an invoice.

This is our post. We aren’t fraudulent. We are just trying to operate our business with integrity and not be scammed out of our earnings by a dodgy affiliate that is very quick to start calling names and pointing fingers.

Our advice to you is to give Live Lounge Partners a hard pass.

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