littlewoods - gone crazy as well?


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Nov 26, 2004
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so this is it.
everyone is offering bonuses and them tells you are an abuser and you can forget about it.
my story - I played at little woods the pre-wagering for the 25GBP monthly bonus. did I get it? check this out:

Dear ???

Account ?????????

At Littlewoods Casino we aim to offer our players the fairest bonuses each month to reward them for their loyalty.

Unfortunately, over recent months we have seen an increase in the number of players who have been abusing this offer on a regular basis.

We have therefore analysed our player records and we have identified a number of players who fall into this category.
There are a number of factors we considered, the most common include:

- players who deposited 25 and withdrew 25 therefore only playing with the House's money and never risking any of their own money
- players who placed low risk wagers on games such as roulette or baccarat to fulfil the wagering requirement
- players who given the bonus, just met the wagering requirement, withdrew the money and did not play with us again

Looking at your recent playing behaviour at Littlewoods Casino I'm afraid you fall into this category.

Therefore we have restricted your account from receiving these monthly match bonuses in the future. (Please note however that your account is still active and you may play in the casino at anytime using your own funds). You are also entitled to take part in our other player promotions such as tournaments.

If you feel as a player you have been included in error then we sincerely apologise. Please contact us and we will review your account.

kind regards

Customer Service Representative
Littlewoods Casino


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Sep 26, 2004
If you finished your WRs before they sent you the e-mail, they should give you the bonus. However, I can see nothing wrong with the casino for not offering you further bonuses as ultimately its their decision and they have a right to do so as long as they have relayed the message to you.

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