Question Landbased slots vs Online slots


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Hey guys,

This might have been discussed before but I can't find the topic back.
As it must have been at least 1 year ago. :)
And new input on an old thread is always good.

I am trying to figure out what the difference is between slots in land based casino's and the same slot in an online version.
Specificly WMS slots do have my interest in this case.

I play WMS a lot online as I just love their slots and in Ireland you can't play them in land based casino's.

I play them when I am over in The Netherlands to visit friends and/or family in Holland Casino. (Land based state operated casino's).

I find the WMS slots play much easier in land based casino's.
What I mean to say is that wins occur more frequently and also features trigger more often.
WMS also has loads of slots where you can retrigger FS and also this occurs more often in land based casino's.

Does anyone know if there is a difference in the land based and online versions in the way these slots play / payout?

Like I said,I have played these slots a lot online and I find it harder to trigger bonus rounds / FS and also a lot of times there is no retrigger..I notice this especially on slots like Kronos,Bierhaus,Amazon Queen,ZeusIII etc etc.

One of their most popular slots Ruby Slippers has paid out some insane wins in USA based casino's (Look up the slot on Youtube).
I follow a few slot players who capture their wins on slots (SDguy / Dproxima / Desrae Kogman / Brent) and oh boy,this slot can pay handsomly.

I love this slot to bits but online it is kind of a boring version and features rarely trigger and when I get the bubbles I might be lucky to get 2 without even a multiplier that is. ;)

So long story short...Is the (T)RTP% a tad higher in land based casino's?
I always thought online slots had a better return than in a land based casino.

Your thoughts, my fellow spinners. ;):thumbsup: