ATTN: Casino Rep Kudo's to Ronan (Paddy Power) phone rep..


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Jun 3, 2013
Dún Dealgan
Just a quick thank you to Paddy Power for an excellent customer service experience I just had.
I called Paddy Power to ask some questions about the Playtech slots as I haven't played them a lot in my years of online gaming.
I do like them and probably will play them more often from now on.

He explained in detail to me how Playtech slots work,what the expected RTP% is on the long run and how the linked JP's work.
Also he checked my play session from last night on Age of the Gods Zeus as I only managed to trigger the FS once in hundreds of spins and I found out my RTP% prior to playing this slot was 109% and that I had a good session until Age of the Gods Zeus hammered me on the end. :D

I do not mind that as that is the risk I take,could have cashed €350.00 profit but because I have insane good weeks and a healthy bankroll on Skrill I decided to play on and lost my profit and deposit.
Something I seldom do these days. ;)

Anyway I felt my queries were answered in a great way and Ronan was a gentleman!!

Hopefully Age of the Gods will be nicer to me when I play it again. :D



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Mar 21, 2012
A place I have not played in a very long while, Didn't have much deposits and been some time but was always on the ball,