Knights Keep- WMS/Scientific Games


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Aug 13, 2010
Has anybody played this game? You'd be right in thinking it's essentially a clone of the WMS designed 192 line slot Red Flag Fleet.

But I have been playing this for a week on and off and I've yet to see a win of 10xbet or higher, I've yet to see a bonus round.

Red Flag Fleet and Zeus 3 which is similar have stacked wilds a plenty and this has hardly any, then I'm getting 4,5,6 of a kinds and its still paying shit.

So I thought I'd pull up the pay-table for the two slots and compare them-
Both have a similar 96% RTP, have the same reel and bonus round set-up. But then just look at how Scientific Games have taken this WMS slot and totally reduced any potential this slot engine had. Line pays cut drastically paying around 1/5th and the top number of free spins again cut.

Also the graphics on this are lazy as inactive wilds that are not paying, the animation runs as if they are.

My advice is stay away from this awful awful slot, SG seem to be pumping out bilge after bilge.



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Jan 12, 2018
If I remember right (it’s a while back) I tried a game called snow leopard by them. My god was that slot bad. I don’t know if was capable of big hits because after 5 sessions I gave up. The bonus took forever to trigger and paid nothing on the few occasions I hit it.

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