Jackpot thermometers


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May 3, 2008
Hi, Is anyone else having a problem with the jackpot thermometers not working properly? I've been playing at a couple of affiliated casinos and ever since the new games came out this month the thermometers are not moving up or down. I've uninstalled one and reinstalled and they are still showing the same numbers.

De Beuker

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Apr 20, 2009
At 32RED they are still working.
Dunno for other MG's, I have heavily reduced my play at Micro ever since that horrible November update that slowed down the games so terribly.

Microgaming don't give a flying rats a$$ anyway about whatever complaints, only the fact that it took a FULL WEEK before someone from MG decided, in all His Goodness, to walk down the stairs of their huge Ivory Tower to tell that US players could no longer play the new games, says enough for me.

They have taken arrogance to a whole new level.:mad:

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