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Dec 10, 2003
I have been having many problems getting My Bonus from Jackpot City. I play often at Jackpot city and many of there sister Casinos. A few times a month they mail me bonuses. IE:50 for 50 etc.

many times these past few months they are having problems processing my bonus. I am hearing a different story each time I call regarding the bonus. Last month they told me that it is now 4.p.m. my time est and I was suppose to wait until 5 p.m.est before I made my deposit.I explained to her that it is now 5:15 p.m. est and told her she should turn on Cnn international and it would show her that it is not 4.pm. est time here but 5 p.m.

Anyway , it has been one problem after another getting my bonus from Jackpot city that I do not think I will take any more bonuses they mail me much less play there any longer because they seem to be to unorganized.
Ditto! I have had bonus redemption problems in Jackpot City as well in terms of getting the bonus when promised in there emails.In the past I have had to place several calls at times to get my bonus. I won't take any more of there matching bonuses as I am also tired of getting stupid excuses every time I call. I can relate to the time zone thing, they have given me some real weird responses. What type of computer system are they using, circa 1980 Commodore Vic 20's, hmm. Good luck getting the money. I won't be playing there again for there disorganization and not being helpful when I call.
I am still waiting for a bonus I was suppose to get many hours ago. When I called Jackpot city again today They act like they really don't care and told me it is a problem on there side and I will have to wait 12 more hours.I spend tons of money playing there casinos.There sister casinos are home casino, showdown casino,gaming club casino,Lucky Nugget and Riverbelle casino.( I did not know that Riverbelle and Lucky Nugget was there sister casino. The woman on the phone told me this.And I have been having problems getting my bonuses at Lucky Nugget as well)
Anyway they do not live up there word as they claim about getting our bonuses on time. these past 2 months Jackpot city has been giving me different stories regarding why I have not gotten my bonus.Until I make call after call for a few days then I eventually get it. I think it is time I avoid these casinos. They are not helpful on the phone at all and they don't seem to care about how they treat there players. The least they could have done is put my bonus in there manually. I no longer trust this casino and will no longer play there. I will continue playing at captain cooks casino.They have always lived up to there word and have been very helpful to me if there ever was a problem.

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