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Why on the game isis if you play with mobile eurolotto is the highest bet 50 when if you play with betway who incidently are very good can you bet up to 125? It's the same game? Does anyone know.


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Hi there, this happens quite a lot with many games. It is largely down to the level of risk that the casino is willing to take on a particular slot game. Isis is a high variance slot, so there is a chance the casino will have to make a huge payout should a player hit the right combination of symbols on a winning line.

Betway are willing to accept that potential of a huge payout, in return they can expect to attract players who may like to play much higher stakes.


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There is also a larger default max bet on the dedicated Microgaming platforms compared to Quickfire... for a lot of games, not just Isis. Good examples are Immortal Romance: $6 on Quickfire, $30 on MG's and Thunderstruck: $45 on Quickfire, $90 on MG's.

They can be changed but most casinos are reluctant to do so for the reasons Conker states.