Is possible to check curently used under curacao licensed sites real RTP% they use for net ent slots or playngo ?


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Dec 6, 2011
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As im have few examples of sites where they probaly display highest rtp% for netent or curacao slots but their use lower % set ups of RTP% so can some tell me how this look in this case

We know Curacao licesed sites + Playngo or Net Ent = often cheting customer with hiden RTP % or display highest rtp% but their used low version rtp% but how we can curenty in real check and confired real rtp% they use any sugestions ?


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May 22, 2012
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When they ripped-off and copied the Netent and PnG slots with their fake aggregator these scam sites tend to use, the lower RTP models weren't widely avaiable. So I would suggest they've plagiarized the factory RTP versions. They wouldn't mind offering the higher models anyway, as they simply won't pay big winners and merely treat payment to players as optional so cannot fail to profit.


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May 1, 2022
Recently some slot providers (including Play'n Go) did indeed stop displaying the RTP in the game manual, since it is not a legal requirement for Curaçao-licensed casino's. On the operator's request, it can be brought back, so you can always reach-out to your Curaçao-casino and request it.

If you don't want to bother with that or do not trust them, as far as I know, this is still a bullet-proof way of verifying the RTP via PnG slots:
  1. Open Chrome and Pres F12 to open the chrome developer tools
  2. Open-up a Play'n GO slot and wait until it is fully loaded
  3. Go to network tab
  4. In the filter field, type:
  5. In the "Name" section scroll down until you see and click on it
  6. You will see the RTP-version the slot is running on, it does not have the figures behind the comma, but it's sufficient to know whether you're playing the highest RTP version or a lower one.

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