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hi everybody!

my name is jean, i'm from germany and i'm studying business science in rheinland pfalz (near to france hehe). i'm 21 years old, playing poker since i'm 18. never made it above NL10, though playing 16 tables at a time i always cashed out my winnings in order to finance my school / studies or just gambling it away on some slot machines haha :D

uuuhm... yeah.
what more can i say? I truly love gambling, not the fact that i lost tons of money by doing it (so far only winnings i made by playing poker and little amounts from my job earnings, so dont worry hehe) but the mathematics behind and the business opportunities behind the gambling industrie. i'm also interested in skill games like backgammon and so on.

the main fact i registered in this forum is that i wanted to join a non-german community where i can talk about gambling, furthermore i think this is one of the less communities that truly cares about gamblers health and is not spammed to death by referer links to suspect online casinos... you know what i mean.

i came here googling "rome casino" because i feel kinda cheated by them. awaiting withdrawal approval since almost a month, they're asking for neteller numbers though i made my deposit through it, the service doesn't really answer my questions and so on. already took rome casino to the blacklist of my own gambling site, but not official as long is i'm not 100 percent sure they're about keeping my winnings ^^

allright, i hope thats enough for now.
good luck everyone! :D


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Welcome to the forum jean, :thumbsup:

There is a Rome thread around here somewhere where we have been discussing these issues, maybe I'll find it here in a minute if you have not already found it.


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G'Day Jean,

It's a bit of a tight squeeze here but I'm sure you'll find a seat somewhere :D

Good to have you on board at the best Gambling Forum on the Net! :thumbsup:



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never felt that comfortable at any other forum.
guess i found a new home :D

GGW Laurie

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:)hello and welcome to the forum jean:)................laurie