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May 15, 2002
Visalia, California
If this is any indication of how the Courts here in the United States would view any attempt at hamstringing Internet Gaming as in the same way as they've tried to get permission to wire tap on Internet phone calls, Jon Kyle (Senator from Arizona) and his buddies may have a bit of a surprise in store for themselves.

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Have a good one.
really dissapointed and unhappy

I couldn't finish reading the article.

America is becoming every day a step away the nation they claim to be..

Tabbed phone lines?
Investing money to monitor who does what?

What the hell is wrong??

Is just too much. They really want to know all what you do. Is no longer a thing that can be excused with preventing terrorism. They actually want to control your way of leaving: who you speak with? what do you do with the money you have earned? which sites you enter?

For me is really sad. All around the globe, with american movies, policies and foolish action lots of countries have bought the US goverment's lies of democracy and freedom.

These types of actions are just modern imperialist attitudes. Ithe past countries used to send thousands of soldiers to slaughter and conquer. Now days only on extreme situations like Iraq they do it. However, free trading agreements, ignoring WTO directions, controlling the media and saling all the world their concepts of democracy, freedom and how they want to protect everyone has gone to far.

I can't be more happy than being a Costa Rican citizen, being honest, we are just another star on that "american" flag. But is nice here. The US has become a country where the goverment has braindwashed everyone with fear. Now, not one soul will stand to defend their rights.

Proves of how the US goverment wastes their citizens money:

1) Millions of dollars spent on the Middle east war. What threat? what nuclear weapons?? The truth, lets send everyone how is not of our interest to kill all the population, we will built a democracy... and in addition control the oil

2) War against drugs... millions of dollars on fighting something they can beat.
All what they have caused is to increase production and consumption.

I leave the thinking to you. Why don't they focus their funds on getting people out of the streets other than attacking the gambling industry, foreing countries and a war they won't win.

I am sure a childs morning meal, or shelter on winter is more important than monitoring who is placing a wager, paying some more poor kids to kill people for them, or paying for high technoloy when the drug business will always end up beating them
Universexf6 -

Naughty naughty! You know you should be visiting the forums every day ;)

Cipher has rejoined us for a few months now... and in an amazing coincidence, this was his 777th post :)
spearmaster said:
Universexf6 -

Naughty naughty! You know you should be visiting the forums every day ;)

Cipher has rejoined us for a few months now... and in an amazing coincidence, this was his 777th post :)

Thanks, Spearmaster. Looks like I am REALLY :lolup: the only idiot
who didn't know that. But anyway I am glad he is now
here and hoping to see his as usual unique posts soon. ;)
spearmaster said:
Well, I'm glad he's here, and I'm glad you're here... don't be such a stranger and come visit more often ;)

Hi Spear:

Well I'm glad that you and Universefx6 are hear and hell I'm even glad that I'm here. At 60 I'm glad to be anywhere short of 6 foot under.

Have a good one.
Sorry upfront to Cipher, Universex, did a grand job of moving past Watchdog's opinions, but I can't reciprocate. ;)

I was born in the US (Virginia) and spent my formative years crossing the globe as a Navy brat. So I was as thoroughly brainwashed as to the great "American way of life" as anyone else. That said, it should also be noted that despite country, or race, or religion, OR ANYTHING ELSE, WE ARE all HUMAN BEINGS. We make mistakes. Hopefully we learn from them.

Politicans are also human beings (well, most of them:D ) so they get to make their mistakes too. And after four/eight year increments, we get to decide (a stretch, ok) who is going to make the next set of mistakes (laws, rules, opinions .... all interchangeable terms).

So this is the way my world works now and I have to accept it. The reverse of that coin would invariably take away any ability to choose and that would not be nearly as interesting nor compelling.

If you have a big problem with the US being hailed as the hallmark of freedom and democracy, you have the choice of seeing it as it really is.... a group of human beings entitled by their Creator to be human beings. Same as every other country. Don't give away your power so easy.
LOL Suzecat... one of my bad habits is to immediately move on when I see what appears to be a ramble.

That being said, I think he's entitled to his opinion, even though you and I may not agree. As long as he doesn't start getting personal, no foul.

Besides, I know lots of Americans who probably share part or all of his opinion... LOL...
With the concept of internet wire tapping becoming a part of America, will this place influence on Canadian government to do the same as well?

We don't always follow American influence, but still. We still face a lot of it.


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