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Aug 3, 2002
Las Vegas
I deposited $50 and received a $50 match. I started with 1/2 6 max. The game ran slow, 50 hands an hour when normally this would run 80 hands an hour or so. The software they describe as new ran very sluggish even with animation turned off. The players skill level was very poor. Lots of bad calls and chases that have become the norm in internet poker. I got offered the prop opportunity twice for $10 an hour for 2/4, once I took them up on this. I have doubled my initial bankroll in these easy games.

This is the only poker room I've played in that offers play in both pounds and US $'s. This provides an interesting rake dilemma. The rake is .25 per 5 max 3 regardless of the currency or limit. Most rooms cap at $1 in 1/2 but not here. There were not any limit games below 1/2 but there were PL or NL that started at $.50/$1. A player should keep the rake in mind if they are going to play higher limits. A higher limit player should play in $US since $3 is nearly half 3 pounds cutting the rake in half. On the other hand since the rake increments are small thus creating more rake in middle or lower limits one should play in pounds creating larger gaps between rake increments. In $US a $9 pot would have $.25 rake as would a 9 pound pot. The difference is that 9 pounds is about $17 so you are getting a pot with a 50 cent (exchanged) rake instead of $.75 if it were a $17 US pot. Also a pot below 5 pounds does not get raked but a $5 pot in US does. It may not sound like much but it adds up.

They offer a $500 royal flush bonus, in my 10,000+ hands a week I usually hit one every 3 weeks and see maybe 1 or 2 a week. This creates chasers for runner runner draws that otherwise would not be in hands since their odds are correct for this draw. You must play 5/10 or higher for 100% otherwise its 25% for 1/2 50% for 2/4 or 75% for 3/6.

They also offer a bad beat jackpot. Today it is $2950. Same %'s as the royal flush bonus so if you played at 1/2 today and had the hand of quad jacks or better get beat the hard way (both hole cards must be used) the bad beat would get about $370, the winning hand about $185 and the remaining $370 or so divided among the other players. Quad jacks in holdem is a tough hand to make, much less have a window where it can be beaten but it is possible. Only at paradise have I seen such hands lose. I hit a bad beat at the now closed bigbet poker but it was any quads beat the hard way.

If you ever hit one of these promo hands make sure to immediately write down hand #'s and email support right away. They offer holdem, 7 stud (no H/L) omaha, omaha8, sit and gos, 1 on 1 and multis.

They also offer a free $50 if you play 300 hands in a month. It doesnt state it has to be raked hands. According to the info it says it is added as soon as your 300 hands have been played.

In addition to the poker room I played at the casino for the first time. I must say this was a fine casino. A bit slow like I felt the poker room was but it was fair. It was easier for me to not run it in full screen but because of lag and it was difficult to point and click but this could be my own video card issue. The games were realistic, No 7 card 21's for the dealer, no 6 BJ's to my none like I have seen. All the games I played I feel had realistic outcomes, even when I had a bad beat because that happens. I am up a bunch but cant cash out because they make you wait on a PIN in the mail. This is an understandable security measure but also gives the temptation to play it back. They would not even "flush" my winnings, lock me out of my account or allow a password change. They offer many multi player games if you are into that but these ran slow when they filled up. Some players like that to lengthen their play time. I highly recommend the casino and you can use the same nick and password at both there and the poker room.

This casino and poker room are both listed in the casinomeister reputable rooms so go to his poker or casino section and click through.
Has anybody won in a freeroll here? How long to get your account credited? Came 5th in the $3000 freeroll last night winning $180, but no sign of the money, live support don't answer and without a phone at the moment...

Any experiences?

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