Inetbet i love you but Really? Withdrawal declined 2 times?


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Apr 22, 2005
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Okay everyone i need your help. My withdrawal has been declined 2 times now and i finally found out why lol.. Not my fault but a lot of frustration since support wont listen to me?

The tasty trio bonus for the weekend, i made a deposit of 25.00 got bonus of 12.50 claimed the first 50% code BKBAU .I got an Email from cashier he said I had 300 and some more dollars left before i can even request a withdrawal. So it was declined again for the second time and returned to my account?

So 37.50 total X 10X wagering is 375.00. Sarah from CS tells me its not correct, shes telling me its 22.5 times( HUH) When you use a code it tells you the wagering and the Cashier will not allow you to make a withdrawal until wagering is met.

Below is from the cashier page inside the casino? I have PM Emily since shes the only one that can fix this I'm not getting anywhere with support?

Am I crazy? Do you player's see the same wagering 10 X with this code BKBAU or is this only on my computer?

Casino ID nygirl32


Here at iNetBet Casino we are pleased to offer various weekly promotions to our regular players. Why not take part in our weekend Tasty Trio?
All wagering requirements have been reduced this month !



Valid as per dates in table.

Enter coupon code: As Per Table
Deposit between $10 - $200
Receive 50% Match Bonus
Playthrough Deposit & Bonus 10x on given games
Please see terms and conditions

(This coupon must be redeemed first)

Date of Promo:
Coupon Code
every weekend
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She said i had to wager 685.33 still? Don't make any sense to me, inside the cashier it says withdrawable $303.22? I contacted rep Emily also.
Support says wagering is 22.5x just now? Wager another 300 and my payout will be processed lol..

Yeah I will jump right on that, haha great idea! Now I have to wait for Emily, I sent them the picture of the coupon including all requirements, it's still 22.5x.
This is the 3rd time i requested this withdrawal, lets see if it will get returned or processed?

This is from earlier from casino support?


Please re-request the withdrawal there was an error on the calculations


iNetBet Support
I had emailed and asked: Then there response was below?

"When a coupon is used the banking tells you how much you have to wager, usually you can't request a withdrawal until the wagering has been completed. Inside the cashier it says withdrawable amount 300.02.

Why so many different replies from support, first it's my fault, then it's "sorry we made a mistake on our calculation " then it's something else.
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I am getting nowhere! I am lost at this point!

Dear Tammy

Sorry but it clearly states turnover 10 times deposit and bonus.
The reason it was allowed to be withdrawn is because there was a mistake on the backend by promos, however it was still 10 times bonus and deposit.
I hope this clears it up for you.

Kind regards
CSR Brian
iNetBet Support
Thank you so much! It's not going to matter anyways , they will be right and I will be wrong. I guess it's 10x the bonus plus 10x deposit .

They are always right, this is for a 300 withdrawal, it's just not worth it really. But when I see 10x I'm thinking it's 375 total wagering. My deposit of 25 plus a bonus 12.50 = 375

It's funny since I usually play this weekend trio bonus since the wagering is so low. Now I'm at fault, I guess it's different than I thought. They should say it's 20 x wagering that would make more sense?
I used the first code, I didn't need to use the other since I won a little the first time. Notice at the top of screen shot they state wagering has been lowered this month?


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Sorry to read that you've been having issues at iNetBet. I've just started my 2 week vacation so that is why I've not seen this thread untill Bryan contacted me. Tom is also away as well if you have tried to contact him.
I'll get in touch with the relevant people and get back to you.
Thank you so much Steven, enjoy your vacation!! I have been in touch with support and someone will say sorry there calculations were wrong go ahead and request the withdrawal and then someone will say different and then it gets declined and returned to my account. Its been declined 4 times so its just sitting there but it does say withdrawable amount $300.02.

It will sit there until Emily or someone says different. I usually play this on the weekends because the wagering is so low and i never remember having to wagering a large amount? Thanks to Casinomeister and the Betreels for trying to help me with this also!!
Ok so I've managed to log in.

Looking at your account I can see at one stage that your account dropped to $0.98. The RTG software, for some strange reason, cancels a bonus balance once the account balance drops below $1. So once your balance dropped below the $1 you then started winning bets but the system was showing the bonus as completed as the system had cancelled/ended the bonus. When your balance dropped below $1 you had wagered $252.17 out of the $375 required.

I can confirm that the code is set up correctly and that the wagering requirement is 10x the deposit and bonus value. Unfortunately this is something that is set up within the RTG system, when I next speak to them I will find out the reasoning for cancelling bonuses once the balance drops below $1.

1 more thing Steven , can you note the account about the wagering and what i have left.. So I don't have to explain 1000 times again , or my withdrawal getting declined?

My point being was I knew that I had the wagering amount right? They was saying I had around 683 left to wager. That was completely wrong and that's why this thread was started? Looks like I need to play 122.83 more.

They kept saying I have over 300 left to play and the one CS rep say I needed to play 683 dollars more that's what made me so mad!!

Thanks for all your help
ok went back in and wagered enough. Lets see if there going to declined it again? Total wagering needed 375.00.

hi there
You (change name)
can you please tell me how much i wagered in total
You (change name)
Hi Antonio
You (change name)
let me check for you Tammy
You (change name)
thanks so much
You (change name)
ok ty so much
you are welcome
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That's true, it happens all the time to me. I only play at RTG.

It always seems the technical stuff happens when I'm playing though :)

I don't get it?
I'm just curious, withdrawal was supposed to be 300. Apparently I didn't wager enough, played some more ended up wagering 427 out of the 375 required.

Got my check today for 215, the bonus was 12.50?? Really not complaining just happy tohave got paid :) just don't know where the 25.00 went lol?

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