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Oct 10, 2005

I recently cashed out of a casino listed on CM as accredited. I won't list their name as i did get my money and i know casinos from time to time will request these types of things.

The problem i have is they said after they did a security check said that my account was linked to another.

Thank you for using ******* Casino's chosen processor's services. We
hope that you have found our processor's facilities convenient and easy to

At *******, we pride ourselves on the security we provide to our players
and their funds. In order to assure this security, we take great care in
ensuring that funds are processed correctly and in line with banking

When we performed a routine security check, we noticed that your account
is linked to other customers' accounts - either by email address, physical
address or telephone number. In such cases, fraud control rules require us
to confirm the account details and investigate the reason for the linked

We would appreciate it if you would forward us the following information
as soon as possible. If you are aware that you have used someone else's
details, e.g. address, telephone number, please explain your relationship
to Thomas ****** the person whose details you used.

Now in this instance, when i signed up, i never used anyone elses details nor do i know the person they have accussed me of sharing details with.

I provided them with my documents and they did the cash out, but have yet to reply to my question in regard to the person whos details i supposedly used.

Is this just a general bullshit ploy in order to ask for your details or is it possible (which i doubt) someone used my address when signing up or email address which i would doubt to the point of saying it wouldn't happen %100.
please explain your relationship
to Thomas ****** the person whose details you used.

You don't know this guy, and didn't use his details when you signed up.

Sounds like an error on their part.
Nice that you got paid, but it's worth harrassing them a little to get this matter sorted out. Try to get them to recheck your signup details -- spell it out for them if you have to.

The danger is, if they are part of a group (and if they are accredited here, it's likely they are), that will remain on your record.
Ill tell you exactly why, IMVHO

You are on a dynamic IP that has also been allocated to this user. Just send the ID and if you dont know them, fine.

It does happen, there is not an unlimited amounts of IP address's that can be provided
Thank you for your patience while we investigated your query.

After careful investigation, our financial team has advised that your
account is linked to Thomas **** via user ID. This means that both of you
might be using the same computer.

Yes i am on a dynamic IP but even so my isp is a small wireless company just local to my region and not a big national ISP. It'd be quite a coincidence.

I've asked them to find out exactly what is going on and they're going to do so.

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