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Aug 12, 2005
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As our bonuses are entirely automatic there are no coupons, no codes or catches to worry about.

The $100 Welcome Bonus will be released on completion of your first accumulated and contributed $200 in raked hands.

what does the $200 stand for? the total betting amount on raked hands?

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Your bonus will be credited as you play. The more raked hands that you play the more of your bonus that will be credited. For every $35 that you rake we will credit your account with $10 of your bonus up to a total of $200.

what does this $35 stand for? the contributed rake or the total betting amount?

I don't understand the bonus rules. May somebody help me?
I have not played nor am i familiar with either site so i'll just go by the quotes you gave in your post.

As to the $100 bonus by Triopoker: only raked pots where you have contributed towards the pot will count towards earning this bonus. Once you have contributed a total of $200 in pots that were raked, you'll have earned the bonus. The quote does not say what the minimum of rake is that will qualify for this, $0.25, $1.00? Maybe any rake, even as low as $0.01??? You'd better find out before you start and track your bonus progress yourself unless the site has good tracking sw. The amount you bet has nothing to do with it. As long as you place a bet and the pot ends up being raked, it counts towards the bonus.

The quote for virgingames is rather ambiguous. The max bonus is $200 and it will be released in increments of $10. So far, so good. You should clarification from the site what they mean by "for every $35 that you rake". Do they mean raked hands where you were dealt cards or where you contributed to the pot? What is the minimum rake that will qualify? The amount you bet has nothing to do with it. You will earn this bonus pretty fast (assuming it's based on hands dealt) if say you play PL Omaha. Even at low limits PLO lots of pots will have a rake of $1 or more.
I know Trio and several other Boss Medias previously had bonuses that were released upon completing a certain amount of raked hands, contributed or not. But recently, I believe they have changed this to what amounts to a rakeback.

In other words, Trio gives you a 50% rakeback, up to a max of $100, at the end of it.

And the other place you mentioned, gives you about a 28% rakeback, up to a max of $200, in $10 increments as they are earned.

I think this is what it is. I agree, it gets confusing. I wish they had the old system of "any raked" counting towards a certain amount.

I'd say about a year ago, most had bonuses that were cleared $100 for 500 raked hands. Not no more. All the little bonus whores took care of THAT. Although I believe a few still have $100 for 1000 raked hands. :confused:

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