How has the Atlantic City Casinos fared in Hurricane Sandy?

Westland Bowl

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Nov 1, 2005
Just wondering if there are any news on any damage suffered by the Atlantic City casinos? (other than monetary damage of evacuation orders)
I would dare to say AC has suffer millions of dollars in damages from Sandy. The boardwalk is completely gone, seawater went several blocks past the casinos. Governor Christie was blaming the Mayor of AC for not enforcing the evacuation notice on the news. Calling the mayor a rogue politician, putting peoples lives at stake. I think someone (maybe Mousey?) provided a state by state link in the Frankenstorm thread (maybe page 8 or 9)
along with devastation to board walk and flooded casinos the 125 foot beach[sand to water is now reported to be only 25 feet of sand to waters edge

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