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Hey, I'm Henrik. Just got around to casinos and heard of this site. Hope to get some tips and advice.

Best of luck everyone!


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Welcome to the forum, Henrik! Thanks for joining us. :cheers:


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hi everyone I am new here my name is Cindy and have no idea what I am doing so I am looking around. I do not know where to start a new post and been working for awhile to get on this site. I need help and hope it is ok I post it here. I have been playing for over 10 years at Bingomania.com. I never had any problems until now. I have been waiting on 3 payouts for awhile , use to get them in a few days but did not receive any I have been given dates on whey they were sent and when I would get them. I was charged 40.00 for each cash out ..... a total of 120.00 for them to process them and never get them. My total cash outs game to 1,21.52. I emailed Stuart Gorgon and also the manager and got no reply. I have all confirmations of my cash outs, I have tickets telling me the bank in China is being audit.
What that have to do with the players yet they are still taking players money. I research on Stuart and he owns so much stuff and has so much money he could pay us out of his pocket , they forget who makes their site and makes money from his players. I do want my money because I have medical issues that I could not keep working, I play online bingo and slots in hopes to win enough to get a pay out. I even put a ticket in when i did my last cash out asking if there would be a problem getting that one. Of course they told me no problem that Mania always pays, Not time. Is there anything you can help me with . I do live in the states which mania does have posted they accept USA players, I hope someone can help,

thank you

Cynthia Ramos,
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