hi im james and im new to online gaming

James Williams

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well i guess the first thing you learn is how to read ALL the terms and conditions. im tired of winning only to find out i really lost :(


So sorry to hear that, but ive been there too: luckily you came to the right place!
Welcome to the forum and be sure to stick to the accredited casinos, and take in account what the majority of the posters here chime in:)
Theres usually a good deal of info in here.


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Welcome to the forum James. As stated above-we all found our way here and you will become better armed for future playing.

Lots of great people to learn from and share experiences with!


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This forum is really a wealth of knowledge when it comes to online gaming :) However, always take rants with a pinch of salt ;)

Best of luck!


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Welcome, James.

Don't be too hard an yourself. When I first started playing I had a great win that I couldn't cash out because I violated the T&C. Live and learn!

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