Hi from the new Topgame rep (at last ;))


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Oct 16, 2009
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Hello Everyone,

I would just like to introduce myself as David the new representative for

Some of you may well know me as the casino manager for Thebes Casino a
position which I will be leaving to take up the position as spokesperson for
Top Game. (although I will still be making a couple of announcements about
Thebes in the upcoming weeks and be available to answer any open questions)

I will not bore you with all the why's and hows of this 'career change',
suffice it to say that as you may well be aware I have always liked the Top
Game software and the people behind the company (despite previous issues)
and believed that Topgame software could turn into a very good alternative
for established casino software providers.

The fact that I still believe this after meeting with Topgame management
recently and the fact that we both agreed that there was a need for an
aproachable spokesperson with some knowledge of the industry basically led me to
take up this position.

Im actually very happy to announce that TopGame have now been TST certified
(although this maybe old news to most of you) and I believe its a major step

I personally feel that most of the problems with Topgame in the past have
been caused or worsened due to the simple fact that there was not one person
in the right place to answer questions and hopefully given that I am
now here things will much improve on this front. (and of course feel free to
let me know if they dont ;))

Regarding any open issues, I will go through previous posts this week and
start answering them on a point by point basis.

Best Regards



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Mar 13, 2008
Welcome in your new capacity David.

You were quite active in addressing issues Top Game was experiencing, at least as much as you could be, and I hope that Top Game will continue to evolve.

I'm not yet a customer, but if things continue to improve, you may just see me!


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Jun 30, 1998
Hi David,

Welcome to the forum via your new position. The best of luck to you! :thumbsup:

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