Hi from a Frenchi living in Scotland


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First of all , I apologie for the potential mistakes I may make in english..being french and having spend only 3 years in UK..I am not yet perfectly fluent ...But I work hard to improve it.
So , as I say, I live in scotland and by surfing on internet I found this very interessting forum.
I like the fact that you are a bridge between the players and the casino and that you try to sort out the "good" and "bad" places to play.
I am a casino and poker player on Casino770, pokerstar, titan...
Untill now, I had'nt any issues with a casino but who knows :rolleyes:
I loose more than I win but I am having fun and I try to be reasonable.
It's a coincidence but I have jus won 10 000 euros on Casino770 and I am waiting for the approval.
I hope that it will go smoothly with them.
I will keep you inform
2 years ago I won 6000 and it went well ..normally they are very slow but they pay at the end.
Thank you to the webmasters for the excellent work...and for having accepted me in your community
see you


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Welcome to the forum, papa64. Glad you found it.

Don't worry about the English, I'm from Texas (US) and people have a hard time with my English sometimes. LOL!


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Nice to meet you, Papa64. Welcome to the best forum around! Your English is just fine so don't be afraid to speak up here. :)


Hi and welcome on board papa64, your English is just fine, gratz on your win btw and it appears that the 2nd withdrawal from Casino770 is way quicker than the 1st so gl with that ;).


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A warm welcome to you from Florida! Hope all goes well with your cash out, nice win! Good Luck n Chips Up !! :p


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Welcome to CM papa and congrats on your big win. I hope your cashout goes smoothly.

Take a look around, there are lots of great places to play accredited here, most of them pay very fast.

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