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Just wanted to introduce myself :) I've been playing land based slots for a long time now. I'm just getting into online slots, I will be posting more, as I'm already confused as to what casino I should be putting my money into.

Could someone recommend a good online casino for beginners. I was thinking Slotocash or DavincisGold, is this a good choice?

Thanks, and everyone have a good-day :)
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Yeah there two good ones, Rival software they use.

or you could try inetbet or clubworld casinos for rtg software.

Or microgaming most are good but i like royal vegas fortune lounge group because all comp points are cash and not bonus with wagering.

or you could try 3dice they use there own software and all cashouts are instant unless its the weekend and the flue hits the town. But alot off players here at casino meister play there.

Inetbet and club world have fast cashouts also intertops have fast cashouts they are microgaming.

But if instant cashouts are your thing challenge casino, Golden reef, Music hall, Nostalgia, UK club casino, All offer them too and there microgaming.
They accept some u.s states.

Also casino extreme rtg do instants but someone said to me on this forum they have gone bad rep so sticking with the other two as fast cashouts is a better thing.

Also be sure to play all the free chips 1st.

I hope this helps you get off to a good start at online gaming i am very sure some other members will add there two cents to. :thumbsup:


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Thanks for the reply,

I do like Rival Software the slots are great!

I'm actually playing in a tournament at 3Dice, so far I dont care for there slot machines, not that much of a choice, graphics are nice.

Also with the fast cashout, do people do the ACH thing? Is that something people recommend? I dont mind waiting as long as i know its coming. I dont have netteller or anything like that, just my visa and bank account.

Also be sure to play all the free chips 1st? meaning take the bonus offer? See i read that wasnt worth it, bc of the max payout thing.

Thanks again.

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:)hello and welcome.....laurie


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Just one question for you I_Play_Slots - is your location one of the very many Cleveland's in the USA, or Cleveland in England?

This will obviously have an influence on which possible casinos are available to you.

I also like Rival slots a lot, but do find them quite hard to get really good results from. Which are your favorites & do you have any good strategies you'd like to share..? :rolleyes:

Happy spinning!


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Hi i mean play the no deposit bonus offers first, Its free money so it dont matter about wagering or maxcashout.

I know alot off the high rollers laugh at such a thing because they are rich lol maybe you are to.

Its upto you if you play with a deposit+bonus but i would never play with a capped payout.

I think a good slot stratagy is to play off a nd or maybe small deposit+bonus and bet a bit to high to hit your feature then zero out and without leaving the game and goin to bank make a cash deposit hit that bonus round and if your lucky enough to hit it on a average time and ok payout have all the winnings as cash and no wagering on it.

Also i think its hard to hit a big winner on rival slots without hitting the jackpot, But if you play the slots with bonus round and free spins it can realy pay to hit a bonus round during free spins.

O and welcome and good luck with your wagering. :)


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Be careful with ND deposits though especially with Rival casinos. Once you get about 2 or 3 ND bonuses, you are barred from getting more. They just dont appear as part of the promos.


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Thanks All

Thanks for the replies, Cleveland-Ohio (we are not banned Ohio) I think there are 11 states that are completely banned.

I dont have a great strategies... that i could share with anyone about slots, I just keep spinning until I get a bonus or good hit, if i dont get a bonus/gh within 20 spins I try to move on. (key word: try, its hard to move on)

The problem with me is when i do get a bonus/gh and win, i stay at that slot and lose more money, thinking i will be getting another bonus soon which tends not to happen :)

Do people still do ACh? is that something you guys recommend?

Thanks and Happy Holidays!!!


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Welcome to the forum.
Hm think someone already wrote that.
Well we cant get everything in the world.
But ill give it another try.
Greeting I_Play_Slots please enter the mythical and funny world of gambling.
Guess no one ever wrote that on the forum.
I_Play_Slots no i play slots, and i can prove it also. :D

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Hi all did someone mention slot stratagy. Well i know that nothing is a given on slots or even gambling in general.

But i would love to hear anybodys slot stratagy if yur got one reply to this topic or pm me if your not feeling to brave.

It realay would make tomorrows slots spins alot more fun doing the biz a different way for a while at least. :)

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