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Jun 13, 2005
I writing to message board because I have got serious problem with Captains Cooks casino and unauthorized deposit. Namely, on 10th June, I logged on to my Neteller account and to my surprise my Neteller account balance was equal to zero. Someone stole my Neteller ID and secure ID, and deposited funds from my Neteller account to Captains Cook Casino. I have never deposited any money to Captains Cook. I'm contacting with you, because you are widely recognizable discussion board, which is promoting Casino Rewards group (Captain's Cook is part of this casino group). Captain Cook is not answering my e-mails. So far I have sent a few e-mails to Captain's Cook support, and got no response from them. Please help me in resolving this extremely important issue for me.
Shouldnt you make a complaint to neteller instead of Captain Cooks? If someone had stolen your neteller ID and secure ID and used it to deposit at Captain Cooks,this seems to be more of a security issue than anything else. On the casino's side,as long as the transaction is authorised by neteller,its alright with them.
**Dear Luker,
There are a few things you need to do here.
1) Contact Neteller and make them aware of the situation if you have not done so.
2) Contact the casino via their free-phone, instead of sending an e-mail, and try and get someone to find out what account this money was send to.
3) Print all your records of transactions, and highlight the ones that you claim not to be yours, and submid this to the Neteller and Casino Fraud departments.

The thing is, you can not say that it is the Casino who stole your money, nor can you blame NeTeller, but you can ask them to assist you in at least finding out who this person is, and then report that person to your local authorities for ID fraud.

If you have NEVER played at the casino, it might be a bit harder to track down where exactly the money went, so you would have to supply them with a transaction number, date, time etc... so that they try and track it down.
If you have played at the casino before, it might be easier to show that you have not done the transaction, by letting NeTeller contact the casino and finding out if the credit was allocated to you and your account.

IF you have more than one account with the casino, you are in for a long haul!

SO keep your facts together, and start at the right place... else it is merely going to be a wild-goose chase... Your word against everyone elses.
Just my opinion. **
Many casinos I'd give the benefit of the doubt that they acted properly in this but there's very little I wouldn't put past captain crooks.
Captain Cooks

Lean back Luker and relax!

ICL, where Captain Cooks belongs to, is one of the real fine Casino Groups out there. If you did not do the deposit, they will find out and give you back your money!
Have you run a spyware detection program on your computer?
Maybe there is someone out there spying your IDs and using your account.
Ask Neteller for the IP address from where the deposit was made.
Also write to Casino Rewards Security.
Marilesis said:
ICL, where Captain Cooks belongs to, is one of the real fine Casino Groups out there. .
ICL is no more, and players who were caught up in the "audit" may disagree with the statement that it was a real fine casino group.

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