Has anyone ever won at Casino Extreme?


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Apr 29, 2004
I just thought I'll ask if anyone has ever really won something big at Casino Extreme?
I've been playing few times there in the past weeks and those slots seem too tight...Can't hit anything...Video poker is even worse...
I don't mean to sound negative...I like the place and their cashback is nice to have on the following day.
Only thing that I'm wondering is that every deposit I've made seems to be gone in a matter of minutes, even playing with minimum bet...
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I used to love playing there and your right. The slots have changed there too. This was my favorite casino for a very long time and in the past few months, it seemed that something has changed. I always said this was one of the BEST RTG's but no more...I even sent them an e-mail a few weeks back stating that I will no longer be playing there becasue of this nagging feeling that something just insn't right. Never heard from them...I guess they don't need my play anymore..
In the last couple of weeks I have cashed out over $1000.00, love the instant payments too. The RTG win cycle seems to go from casino to casino, I used to always to good at 49er, have lost my last $1000 in deposits there with not even a sniff, Inet hasnt been to hot either for me.
Thanks, nice to hear that someone's having good luck there...
I guess those games just are streakier than hell...
Or they've set the payout ratio very low :)
Im up quite a bit at extreme. In fact it used to be my favorite casino before i hit a 4k+ win and they asked for a faxback then soon after banned me.
though then again maybe they just decided i had an honest face and hit the win switch everytime i logged on.
I would highly reccomend the place, instant cashout is amazing, as are the unlimited reload and insurance bonuses.
My guess is that they set the payouts differently for different people.

I don't think you can do that even with RTG. It's the only one of the "big" softwares which allows the casino to set a new paytable for a game, but not at player level as far as I am aware.
These screenshots are from a couple of weeks ago -

Fruit Frenzy:

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Neteller transaction history:

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$100 deposit, played for about an hour, made a $3000 withdrawal and was paid within a couple of minutes.
A casino manager told me the RTG casinos are set system wide not by each casino. So if one is tight then they all are or vice versa.

I played at 49er and VIP last night and hit nothing. So I think it is simply the RTG software. I would query them all for their odds right now. It might be interesting to see if their responses match.
I think they used to boast of instant cashouts. I haven't played at them though but believe them to be legit.

They still do. Although a few casinos offer Instant neteller, they are to my knowledge the only casino who do instant cashouts to a range of eWallets. I think this is an excellent marketing ploy incidentally and wish more would follow suit.
A casino manager told me the RTG casinos are set system wide not by each casino. So if one is tight then they all are or vice versa...
If the slots are a bit tight at the moment, it may be the result of what I did to iNetbet a couple of weeks ago. Hint - it was published in their (iNetBet's) newsletter :D

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