Has anyone else seen this bonus from rival?


Ueber Meister
Mar 23, 2009
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I have stopped playing at rival now because of a incident that happened there. never recieved a reply from them and not wasting anymore of my time or money with them. Yesterday I got a email about special Tuesday bonus that will be starting and I was getting this special bonus early. 600% deposite bonus so I decided to download casino to look at bonus. It was just to tempting OK Here it is : 77% bonus plus deposite playthru and drum roll please 3.4 X bonus cashout.. OK first off I needed a calculator to figure out what playthru would have been and then a math wiz to figure out what cashout would have been. P.S. when the guy in live chat cant figure it out you know you got problems. Once again ty for the daily laughter I really enjoyed it. Oh look RTG just sent me a bonus that I could understand and I'm going to play there now.:D