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Jul 24, 2006
this user's icon looks familiar...

welcome anyway



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Dec 16, 2004
OUCH that hurt man...You must have missed this thread HERE :lolup:
Oh lol this one

Hello Well before you can join, you will have to provide us with three separate forms of picture ID...a recent utility bill, no older than a week old...copies of your most recent bank statement and also copies of the front and the back of all credit cards that you intend to use within the next two months both online and offline and last but certainly not least your thumbprint after you have pricked it twice and don't forget to use Vellum Paper for the print...

Once you have submitted all of these documents to us for approval, you will be notified as to the results of your pending membership as soon as we have had the time to throughly inspect said documents regarding any fraud or forgery...until then you may browse the forum...MEMBERSHIP PENDING !! :D:D:D

GGW Laurie

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Jun 16, 2006
In the Beautiful South !!
hello and welcome back nicole:) those guys are harmless and some of the best ones around if you need good solid advice on something:D again welcome back.............................laurie

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