Good week at 3dice! MAXI hit on BOB


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Jul 6, 2010
Had a really good week on 3dice. Hit the Maxi on Battle of Bastogne. I was down to my last $150 in btc for the month. Put in about $2000. But combined with everywhere else I play, I was down almost $10000 for the month and not doing good. NBA and NHL playoffs destroyed my bankroll and I was contemplating giving up for a while. It was the worst month I have had in 20 years of playing online. And then,,,, BAMmmmmmm TY 3dice!

This is my 4th time hitting the MAXI. And every time, it is when I need it the most. The last time I hit it, it was the day before a family vacation. So lucky! I know this wont happen often, and I probably wont hit it again. So I wont be so crazy this time around and lose it all back. It just sucks because its BTC and I don't ever cash it out. I just use it to play as an investment. Either way, it's good entertainment.

3dice has some good jackpots going on. Been playing "The Joker" which is 50 cents a bet and up to almost 11000 right now. Some nice pics below.

I gave out about $1000 in tournaments and gifts to some players. Hope people aren't mad at me for winning again. It is what it is. GL fellow dicers <3

I also posted some other pics in May winners screenies. Cheers


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I haven't been able to win there for years now. Somehow, when they transitioned to the web-based casino (as opposed to the software one that existed previously), my RTP dropped on every single slot.

Congrats to you, though!
Very nice win! Boy, I've had one or two of those lifesaving wins, they don't happen often enough!

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